Dr. David Johnson / BEAM Compost

The Institute of Sustainable Agricultural Research (ISAR) at New Mexico State University focuses on research conducted to establish the benefits of regenerative agriculture. Their research is designed to help farmers and ranchers, at all production levels, best understand and implement management practices for successful adoption of regenerative agricultural practices.

Funding supports the work of Dr. David Johnson and team to continue research that is currently demonstrating that regenerating a soil’s microbial community population, structure, diversity and biological functionality can improve soil health, promote better plant growth and crop productivity, farmer profitability and enhance our ability to capture and store atmospheric CO2 as organic carbon in soils of agroecosystems. Funds are used to conduct field scale experiments employing regenerative agriculture management protocols with research exploring the depths of microbial community structure and metabolic functionality using metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analyses.

David Johnson is also an adjunct professor at CSU Chico’s Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems.

To learn more about a specific application of BEAM compost in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, click here >>

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