Growing Healthy Soil and Communities

Economically, ecologically, and socially, our relationship to land and nature is a profound human touchstone. The #NoRegrets Initiative is a relationship-centered approach to land and asset management.


“Because diverse life on the planet is beautiful and worth doing something about; and because landscapes are more interesting in relationship with people.” — Sallie

We’ve Got the Goods (and are happy to share!)

  • This Just In

    When asked recently what the "canary in the coal mine" is for ecosystem health, our colleague Jonathan Lundgren of Ecdisys Foundation said insects. Read more >

  • New to Soil? Ya, We Understand, Start Here!

    How soil, climate, oceans, food and you are all related.

  • What We Have To Say

    Sallie and Esther explain the beauty of investing regeneratively, and why it makes them so happy.

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