Kitchen Table Advisors

Kitchen Table Advisors fuels the economic viability of the next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches.

*photo by Paige Green

Good Meat Project

The Good Meat Project catalyzes marketplace innovation, connection, and education across the meat supply chain in order to increase the economic viability and ecological impact of livestock farmers who invest in healthy land, animals, and people.

Just Economy Institute

Just Economy Institute educates, supports and connects financial activists who are shifting the flow of capital and power to solve social and environmental problems.

Jubilee Justice

Jubilee Justice is a movement to end rural racism by creating new systems to serve Black agricultural communities.

The NoRegrets Portfolio

Through our portfolio, we invest in making things more complex, because complexity is beautiful. To achieve our mission, we must invest in the people and solutions that are addressing the root causes of the problem. We like to ask, "in the system and/or community, is this project/business needed? Is it game changing? Do we think it's awesome?"

Explore the NRI portfolio of grantees and investees and learn more by clicking on each company/organization.

*Please note that this list is organized by the state in which the organization is headquartered. We recognize that many of these organizations serve communities regionally, nationally or even internationally, so we have noted that next to their name.

∇ = NRI investment through Cienega Capital

** Please note: The below list is currently being updated **


Bee Girl Organization - Western US
Civil Eats - National US
Climate Farm School - National US
EcoFarm Conference - Western US
International Indian Treaty Council - National US / International
LandCore - National US
Real Food Media - National US
SAFSF Fibers Initiative - National US
Zero Foodprint - National US


ACRES Conference - National US




No-till on the Plains - Great Plains - US



Jubilee Justice - South/Southeastern US



Greenhorns - National US
OpenTEAM - National US


Land Stewardship Project - Midwestern US



Women in Ranching - Western US

North Carolina

Croatan Institute - Southeastern US


New Mexico

Dr. David Johnson - Southwestern US
Holistic Management International - National US / International
La Semilla Food Center - Southwestern US
Quivira Coalition - Western US

New York

Braiding Seeds Fellowship - Eastern & Southeastern US
Potlikker Capital - National US


Good Meat Project - National US

South Carolina

South Dakota

Ecdysis Foundation - National US




Savanna Institute - Midwestern US


Young Agrarians - Canada

North Dakota