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What Will We Tell Our Grandchildren?

We envision a world in which all agricultural ecosystems are managed for health, diversity and long-term sustainability. Our mission: to improve soil health and grow soil carbon in the agricultural soils of North America. To those ends, we demonstrate and advocate for a Regenerative Assets Strategy that deploys human, ecological and financial capital toward soil health and its effect on climate change.


#NoRegrets Initiative founder Sallie Calhoun grew up in the American South. She saw the damage inflicted when society forgets that people and resilient communities are the foundation for land stewardship and regeneration. This informs all of our work and why we believe so strongly that our relationship to land is a partnership, and we must invest in the communities that maintain and grow that partnership.


Working with soil is non-linear, just like working with people: you don’t always know exactly where you’re going when you start, you just know you’ll end up somewhere good if you have the right approach. We value curiosity, a willingness to learn, and comfort with constant change in our investing. We invest in the people who are most responsible for our relationship to land – farmers, ranchers and practitioners who are often under-resourced. We knew we must understand soil ourselves – we can’t be true partners to practitioners if we don’t have real context for their struggles and triumphs. Our Beautiful Portfolio puts joy and delight into investing, combining philanthropy, lending, and our own Paicines Ranch using an integrated-capital approach.


We also understand that investing in people and community starts from the inside out. Our team laughs as much as we strategize; we compete for pinball and ping-pong titles while producing events at the ranch; we care about each other and genuinely want to spend time together. The in-person and online #NoRegrets Initiative community is grown from this sense of joy and connection. It’s the core of what we do.


#NoRegrets Initiative began as a demonstration project: Globetrotter Foundation (philanthropy), Cienega Capital (lending) and Paicines Ranch (working landscapes) are our vision of what holistic engagement with land, people and money looks like.


We invite our community of allies to join us in this mission.



We want you to join us. We’re hoping you’re inspired enough to commit to having #NoRegrets and being a part of our community.


Regenerate Soil & Nature

Esther Park (Cienega Capital), Nikki Silvestri (Soil and Shadow), and Sallie Calhoun (Paicines Ranch) discuss #NoRegrets Initiative’s “regenerative asset strategy,” which leverages land, philanthropy, and investment to cultivate healthy soil as a solution for climate change and to address persistent issues of health and nutrition.

How Do We Do It?

We work with the emergent and we act as an inoculant. Many of the soil solutions developed by ranchers, farmers and practitioners are on the cutting edge of what’s possible, and we look for those forward-thinking innovations. When we find those innovations, we invest. We want to find the places overlooked by the mainstream and inject capital so they can grow.

  • Designing and demonstrating agricultural practices that regenerate ecosystems and shift human culture towards restoration.

  • Investing capital to improve local agriculture and local food systems.

  • Increasing the resilience of mankind in the face of accelerating change.

Our Awesome Team

  • Esther Park

    CEO, Cienega Capital

  • Kelly Mulville

    Vineyard Director, Paicines Ranch

  • Elaine Patarini

    Director, Paicines Ranch Learning Center

  • Avery C. Anderson Sponholtz

    Directing philanthropy for Globetrotter Foundation and the #NoRegrets Initiative

  • Megan Mendenhall

    Marketing & Communications Director, #NoRegrets Initiative

  • Nikki Silvestri

    Campaign Manager for the #NoRegrets Initiative

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