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Relationship Health Principles

We are managing for:

  1. Bilateral Trust
  2. Interdependence & Reciprocity
  3. Magic
  4. Love
  5. Belonging
  6. Complexity

** Stay tuned for a deeper dive on the Relationship Health Principles, coming soon!**

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NoRegrets Media Library

WATCH: Esther at the Big Bang Conference: Under Ground Economies and Regenerative Economics
LISTEN: Investing in Regenerative Ag Podcast, "Sallie Calhoun, do and don’ts from the most experienced regen ag investor"
WATCH: Sallie & Esther on Integrated Capital
WATCH: Esther & Heifer International - "Why Money Matters in Rebuilding the Food System"

NoRegrets Blog

NRI Retrospective 2023

A note from Sallie Calhoun on 7 years of NoRegrets We are now almost 7 years into the No Regrets Initiative, and I have been doing some reflecting, partially prompted…

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Cienega Musings: Root Cause

by Esther Park I’m not exactly sure how I got connected to this guy, but one day I found myself at a club in Menlo Park across the table from…

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Cienega Musings: Efficiency vs. Resilience

by Esther Park One of the assumptions our portfolio is based upon is that decentralized, local, and regional food systems are more resilient than our industrialized, international food system. I…

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A look into the archives:

Soil Health Primer

When we created the first NoRegrets website in 2018, one of our main goals was to highlight the significance of soil as a carbon sink that could be important in climate mitigation. At the time, conversations around healthy soils, regenerative agriculture, and climate change were relatively rare. We created a primer to share many of the resources that we knew of about healthy soil, which we had been unable to find anywhere else.  Our target audience was philanthropists and investors because of the small amount of funding that was flowing into the space.

There are now many websites, films, networks, and organizations educating people about the importance of healthy soils and nature-based carbon sinks. Thanks to this good work, we've archived our Soil Health Primer but have kept it as a time-capsule to peer back at.