Take Action

We always get this question: So what do I do next? While we don't have all the answers, we have complied a handful of ways to take action:

1. Listen to a Land Steward

During a recent #NoRegrets Flash TANGO!, we asked land stewards to respond to the following question: "As you think about the changing climate, what would it take to be more resilient on your farm or ranch in the face of increasingly extreme weather events? What is one thing that you need - "If only I had… what?”

We collected thoughtful responses from 10 farmers and ranchers in an audio file that we then played for the Flash TANGO participants. It not only prompted the group to reflect on WHAT we can collectively do to support that farmer resiliency, but also reminded us about HOW we show up for these conversations. Are we sourcing our information from people who are actually tending land? Are we asking the right questions, and making an effort to engage our deep listening? The WHAT and the HOW both matter... Here is the audio:

Our invitation to you after you've explored this audio file: Engage with a farmer or rancher in your area and LISTEN to what they say. ASK what brings them joy? What challenges stand in their way? And what they need for success? Many of the soil solutions developed by ranchers, farmers, ancestral knowledge holders, etc. are on the cutting edge of what’s possible. Take time to listen and absorb this deep knowledge.

2. Explore our Beautiful Portfolio

Our Beautiful Portfolio puts joy and delight into investing, combining philanthropy, lending, and our ecological and social capital at Paicines Ranch and Paicines Ranch Learning Center using an integrated-capital approach. We invite you to explore our ecosystem for inspiration.

3. Join a Learning Community

Below are some of the people, networks and conferences we seek out for partnership and inspiration. We also hold regular in-person and virtual events through the Paicines Ranch Learning Center - find out about the latest events here.

4. Sign up for Updates from the NoRegrets Team

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