What Does It Look Like?

As we’ve said, sometimes the art of growing soil and building community is “knowing it when you see it.” Beautiful complexity is visceral, and something that must be experienced. These are the images and words that inspire our imagination — we hope they inspire you too.

Soil and Community

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This short film captures the beauty and magic of #FoundationsandtheFuture: Women's Leadership in Food, coming up in a few weeks on Sept 28 in Sebastopol. https://t.co/KDd6NN3Cp1

The @BionutrientFood Soil & Nutrition Conference is coming up this Nov. Explore principles, techniques + practices at the intersect of farm & human ecosystems.
Scholarships available at https://t.co/ZabWt8skG4

"It’s our strategy to use all of our forms of capital — investment, philanthropic, ecological, and human — to work toward improved soil health. We think that’s the most valuable, most fundamental investment." Thank you @Center4NewEcon https://t.co/U35HUff1aD

A great, succinct response to this common question: “Is there a limit to how much carbon soil can hold which then prevents the kind of sequestration that would be needed to reverse climate change?” #liquidcarbonpathway

Hear about Sallie Calhoun's approach to growing food, fuel, and fiber and how her relationship with RSF has been transformative for her work: @haveno_regrets https://t.co/EUJmJen5aa

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