The Soil Inventory Project

The Soil Inventory Project (TSIP, formerly MySOC) is creating a national soil carbon inventory that will be held in and serve the public trust. They have developed a distributed and cost-effective system that enables farmers and ranchers to measure soil organic carbon (SOC) in their fields. TSIP also aims to develop regional common practice baselines allowing for property comparison and benchmarking. They believe in simplicity over complexity and that this information needs to be shared in a clear, inclusive way. TSIP believes in equality of access to data — that social inclusivity is necessary for data integrity–and that everyone should know how much carbon is in the ground, what it means for climate mitigation, and how it changes over time.

Funding helps TSIP build and launch the infrastructure that enables their national soil carbon inventory. Funds are used to develop their user-facing mobile application and data platform, and to distribute their kits to ~6,000 landowners and managers providing free soil extractor hardware and lab analysis.

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