Holistic Management International

Holistic Management International (HMI) has a mission to envision and realize healthy, resilient lands and thriving communities by serving people in the practice of Holistic Decision Making & Management. Our vision is a world where lands and communities flourish through the practice of Holistic Management, an internationally recognized regenerative agricultural practice. Holistic Management helps family farmers/ranchers/pastoralists become more prosperous, helps strengthen local economies, improves local food quality, heals the environment, improves wildlife habitats, and fosters community ties and preserves local culture.

Funding helps HMI increase the number of agricultural producers and land managers who effectively practice regenerative agriculture and share their knowledge through HMI’s experiential and peer to peer learning programs, developed through their collaborative network. Integration of Holistic Management is proven to successfully innovate the management of diverse practitioners to help them attain soil, land, plant, animal, and human health and resilience.

Archived grant report videos: