Grazing School of the West

Grazing School of the West provides meaningful land- and animal-based learning experiences that inspire a new generation of practitioners who understand science, risk, ecology, animal husbandry, and community care to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis. Through the practice of prescribed livestock grazing, we aim to effect positive change on fire-prone landscapes, while also providing opportunities for regionalized food and fiber production.”

Funding purpose: Create a culture of care for the land, for animals, and for each other through experiential education in the fields of land stewardship and regenerative agriculture, leading to rewarding and impactful work opportunities. Funds will be used to amass capacity, systems and relationships including: staff salaries and educator stipends, program and curriculum development, creation of a strategic action plan, fundraising, curious and careful development of a partner/alliance ecosystem, brand development, competitive analysis, and the creation and execution of early pilot programming.