Grassfed Alliance

Grassfed Alliance has a mission is to promote authentic grassfed meat and dairy products that meet a minimum baseline upheld by an alliance of stakeholders. They envision a marketplace in which buyers and consumers fully understand the value of authentic grassfed products, which leads to a dramatic increase in the market share of truly grassfed products, improved producer economic viability, beneficial ecosystem outcomes on the ground, healthier, happier animals, and increased alignment between the grassfed meat and dairy sectors.

Grassfed Alliance is part of the Good Meat Project which builds pathways toward responsible meat production and consumption. For Good Meat ranchers, there‚Äôs plenty of struggle and grit that goes into caring for animals and stewarding land, but for many, the most challenging part of their business is getting meat into the hands of customers who are willing, let alone eager, to pay for it. Through the Good Meat Coalition they’re fostering collective action among Good Meat producers to ensure they can sell the steaks and roasts that enable them to care for the health, diversity and long-term sustainability of their land. Funding allows the Good Meat Project to build a strong network of marketplace problem solvers, who, together, will create practical, impactful, open-sourced resources and solutions for Good Meat producers.

Archived grant report videos: