Cruces Creatives / Seeding Regenerative Agriculture

Cruces Creatives is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit makerspace that works to foster economic development, further education, support the arts, protect the environment, strengthen social connections, and advance science and technology throughout New Mexico by connecting people with the tools, training, and community to make practically anything.

Seeding Regenerative Agriculture, a program launched and administered through Cruces Creatives, fosters cooperation that builds thriving, localized models of sustainable agriculture—models that attract progressively more participants until regenerative agriculture becomes a mainstream practice in local markets. They then work to scale and replicate the approach to reach progressively larger areas.

Funding purpose: Support to host peer-led workshops for farmers and ranchers to share locally proven regenerative agriculture practices and to offer a range of support services that systematically address obstacles to regenerative agriculture. Over the one-year funding period, they will work to help farmers implement Johnson-Su compost inoculations, cover crops, and drylands agricultural practices, and will also work to replicate a successful approach for using Johnson-Su composting bioreactors to compost school food waste and forest slash.