GROUNDWORK: Regeneration through Agriculture Intensive

GROUNDWORK: Regeneration through Agriculture Intensive

A guided virtual learning journey into a resilient food system through the study of regenerative farming and ranching

July 20-31, 2020  |  Monday-Fridays, 10:30am – 12:00pm PT


Calling all young curious seekers and adventurous spirits to join us for a special collaborative two-week intensive course, Groundwork: Regeneration through Agriculture. Bring your questions and open minds as we present and discuss principles, practices, and possibilities on regenerating our lands, communities, and food system. Join us on a virtual field day rooted in soil to explore the magical microbial world that lies beneath our feet. Intended for young adults curious about regenerative agriculture and looking for knowledge, experience, and community within the field.  

Come to learn and share, come to ask questions about regenerative agriculture (with and without answers), come to connect, explore, and laugh with others in a focused and small group format.

— Agenda —

Groundwork will feature educational presentations and interactive discussions on the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture. The agenda will cover a range of ecologically, economically, and socially based topics exploring regenerative ag including principles, practices, monitoring, research, economics, integrated capital, policy, certification, nutrition, health, and social, personal and community dynamics.  Each topic will highlight leading individuals and organizations in the field.  We’ll also venture outdoors for a virtual field tour of principles in practice in cropping systems and rangeland.  We’ll conclude by mapping out ‘next steps’ on our journey and have an opportunity for each participant to share a personal project.


— Participation —

The collaborative team, comprised of educators, researchers, ranchers and farmers from the Paicines Ranch Learning Center, #NoRegrets Initiative, TomKat Ranch, and Armonia, will offer programming at no cost to participants.

Participants will be asked to actively engage for 90 minutes daily during the two weeks of July 20-31 (Mondays-Fridays, 10:30am – 12:00pm PT), as well engage in additional study prior to each day’s topic. Participation in all sessions is highly encouraged to get the full experience and to receive a certification of completion and acknowledgement as co-creators of this pilot intensive.

We recognize the time and commitment that is needed to learn about these exciting topics. Our hope and intention is that participants will share what they’ve learned among their peers and broader networks.

— Ready to Apply? —

Please click the link below to fill out an application. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until we reach capacity (don’t wait – apply NOW!)


— What is GROUNDWORK? —

Designed as a small group discussion-oriented format for young adults, students and curious thought leaders, this online gathering digs into the potential of regenerative agriculture to grow a thriving, resilient food system and the power of people like you to extend its practice and impact.

— Questions? —

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