Elaine Patarini

Director, Paicines Ranch Learning Center

As a team member of the NoRegrets Initiative, Elaine is working to inspire and empower individuals in ways that move us toward a more regenerative agriculture. She loves to create opportunities to gather community and convene discussions centered on the interconnectedness of soil health and human health. Through the Paicines Ranch Learning Center, Elaine directs innovative programs such as the Learning Journey, Groundwork, Gathering Fire, Women in Ranching, Health from the Soil Up, and workshops with pioneering leaders in regenerative agriculture.  Along with her husband, Kelly, she lives and works at the Paicines Ranch and has transitioned from herding sheep and cows out in pasture to herding a diversity of humans and one small brown dog.  With degrees in nutrition and journalism, she has also worked to grow community nutrition education programs while developing new avenues to support a local foods economy. On occasion, she will share her stories from the ‘Hollywood Years’ working as a photographer and location manager on movie sets in Los Angeles.