Women, Food & Agriculture Network

Women are changing agriculture by building diversity, conservation, and food security within their communities. The fastest way to change agriculture is to support women, and the Women, Food & Agriculture Network (WFAN) is here to connect more women to the land.

WFAN’s mission is to engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power. Through Harvesting Our Potential they empower women to become farmers. Two indicators of success for future farmers are on-farm experience and business planning. Harvesting Our Potential addresses both of these and a third component that is critical for women: a supportive network of other women. This past year WFAN used NRI funds for this program because it is the best fit for connecting to the land, building soil health, and building food security.

Through Harvesting Our Potential, WFAN connects women who aspire to farm with a successful woman farmer for on-farm experience, networking events, and business training. They also provide learning circles for women considering becoming farmers to connect them with resources in a supportive environment. WFAN’s niche within beginning farmer training is to find women who have dreams of farming but are not pursuing those dreams. By providing them with examples of successful women and tools for success they are creating new farmers, rather than training people who have already decided to farm.

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