BIPOC Agroecology Network

“Our mission is to develop a BIPOC Agroecology Network by and for BIPOC to provide a space for groups to–at the necessary pace–build relationships and co-create a shared advocacy strategy and justice-based principles to advance transformative food and farm solutions. We aim not only to shift who is at the table, but how we come together. We seek funding to fundamentally shift the dynamics of California’s sustainable agriculture movements by centering and providing the space for BIPOC leaders to connect and strategize on priorities, principles, and meaningful, grounded solutions to the agriculture and food systems challenges (and opportunities) our communities face, while also celebrating the wisdom and resilience we have.”

Funding supports the establishment of the BIPOC Agroecology Network and membership of highly underrepresented leaders, land stewards, advocates and practitioners; and facilitation of shared learning and strategy gatherings with language interpretation.

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