Healthy Soils to Cool the Planet: A Philanthropic Action Guide

With the interest in regenerative agriculture and healthy soils exploding,  the timing is perfect for the release of the Healthy Soils to Cool the Planet: A Philanthropic Action Guide. Published by Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions, this philanthropic guide to investing in soil carbon sequestration is an excellent resource for funders and investors, both those new to the field and those already engaged.

“The guide outlines pathways for quickly moving capital into the space in a strategic way by identifying levers for change and groups already working on the ground,” says Sallie Calhoun. “We know much about what needs to happen, and the guide will help us scale and move capital quickly.”

A team of expert consultants conducted over 100 interviews with farmers, government officials, academics, and soil carbon experts, exploring how to scale regenerative agriculture as fast as possible. The resulting guide identifies seven levers for change and five game-changing pathways for making an impact, as well as basic information on the benefits of healthy soils, a list of regenerative agricultural practices and an extensive portfolio of recommended grantees.

Download Guide Here