What Does It Look Like?

As we’ve said, sometimes the art of growing soil and building community is “knowing it when you see it.” Beautiful complexity is visceral, and something that must be experienced. These are the images and words that inspire our imagination — we hope they inspire you too.

Soil and Community

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What are you doing November 13? Join us for our annual Celebration at @ThePearlSF https://t.co/CYpcR60869

Come to Food, Fiber, & Farms of the Future to hear insightful presentations from members of @pasturemap, @StempleCreek, @Fibershed, and the Savory Institute.


‘The Dirt on Climate Change’ explores what sequestering carbon in the soil can do for people & the planet. Featuring @paicinesranch @MorrisGrassfed & more. View full video at https://t.co/xSm8eCnkhA

The recent Transhumance Festival in Petaluma demostrated what a revival of #grasslandculture could look like. Check out this great recap of the gathering by @greenwoodae https://t.co/muTF6O8FYX

As the current generation of farmers retire or pass away, women are increasingly find themselves inheriting farmland and being tasked with making decisions about how they want it managed. https://t.co/yRgpLzrm8D

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