What Does It Look Like?

As we’ve said, sometimes the art of growing soil and building community is “knowing it when you see it.” Beautiful complexity is visceral, and something that must be experienced. These are the images and words that inspire our imagination — we hope they inspire you too.

Soil and Community

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Do you love storytelling and have a passion for sustainable agriculture? Maybe you’re our new Marketing and Communication Director for the NoRegrets Initiative? #NoRegrets #SoilisLife #goodjobsforgoodpeople https://t.co/AsHZp8ULq1

#NoRegrets: Globetrotter Foundation (philanthropy), @CienegaCapital (investing) & @PaicinesRanch (working landscapes) = our vision of holistic engagement w/ land, people & money.

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Another life changed - our own @nikkicsilvestri bought her first half a lamb from the ranch, and has a #fullfreezer. #53poundsofmeat

We tend to ruin people’s lives - they can’t get away from #soil once they talk to us. Just ask Mike from Custom Food Solutions in #kentucky. #noregrets

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