What Does It Look Like?

As we’ve said, sometimes the art of growing soil and building community is “knowing it when you see it.” Beautiful complexity is visceral, and something that must be experienced. These are the images and words that inspire our imagination — we hope they inspire you too.

Soil and Community

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"There are ample opportunities to work with nature to restore processes that influence climate and bolster climate resilience. She is just waiting for us to ask." - @judithdschwartz @commondreams https://t.co/LGsyirxySF

At the root of any #healthycommunity is #healthysoil. #Covercrops hold moisture, reduce erosion, increase biomass, and can help keep carbon in the soil where it belongs. These photos were taken during our recent #LearningJourney. 📷: Alicia Arcidiacono


Sallie Calhoun of @CienegaCapital tries to have @haveno_regrets when investing in #food and #agriculture companies. And you should do the same:) listen and learn from 15 years of investing in #regenerativeagriculture experience! #carbon #farmers #soil https://t.co/4uops9KC7t

At our recent #LearningJourney, we joined this group of #impactinvestors, #philanthropists, and food system #changemakers and deepened our understanding of photosynthesis and the liquid carbon pathway while learning the fundamentals of #regenerativeagriculture.


Nicole Masters @Integrity_Soils using some audience help at #Regenerate2018 to demonstrate the exchange of water, carbon, nitrogen and other minerals and nutrients between soil, air and plant root systems. #liquidcarbonpathway #mycorrhizae #soilhealth

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