What Does It Look Like?

As we’ve said, sometimes the art of growing soil and building community is “knowing it when you see it.” Beautiful complexity is visceral, and something that must be experienced. These are the images and words that inspire our imagination — we hope they inspire you too.

Soil and Community

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Given their position in the food chain, #insects are clearly of great importance in terrestrial ecosystems. This article by @nytimes titled “The Insect Apocalypse Is Here”, explains what may be happening to insect populations around the globe. https://t.co/IJXvALI4yL

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The Grassfed Exchange Conference
April 3-5, 2019
Santa Rosa, CA
More details coming soon!!

Happy World Soil Day to our fabulous colleagues near & far!
🌎💫🌍💫🌏 Here are just a few: @judithdschwartz @prephiri @RegenRange @regenerationcan @bio4climate @Terra_Genesis @SavoryInstitute @FAO @BetsTaylor @DefendingBeef @Dig2Grow @kristinohlson @haveno_regrets @tomkat_ranch https://t.co/S8Sh90ojM3

Happy #WorldSoilDay! We believe #soil is a climate change #NoRegrets solution. In Sallie’s words: “Even if climate change wasn’t a thing, #soilhealth would be the most important work of the 21st century” Learn more in our #SoilHealthPrimer https://t.co/eAtci1EETV

What happens when a group of physicians, nutritionists, soil scientists, ranchers and farmers spend three days together at @PaicinesRanch?
Learn more:
https://t.co/a1z9qnzXxu @tomkat_ranch #HealthFromtheSoilUp #SoiltoBody

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